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Compost separator type KA

Compost separator type KA

The "KA" compost separator from HAMATEC has been developed for specific separation of heavy and light fractions in the recycling sector.

This gravity separator is an integral part of many successfully operating processing plants. The separator reliably separates impurities such as stones, glass, and metals to ensure perfectly cleaned compost or residual waste.

An additional optional suction unit can be installed in the fines discharge to remove even the last light-weight particles such as paper and film residues. The industrial, solid design is the key to ensuring a long service life and low-maintenance operation.

Kompostausler Typ KA6 mit aufgebautem Produkt-/Pendelverteiler
Type KA6 compost separator with mounted product/shuttle distributor
Kompostausleser Typ KA9 mit aufgebautem Produkt-/Pendelverteiler
Compost separator type KA9 with mounted product/shuttle distributor


  • unique separation performance
  • low maintenance and reliable operation
  • compact double-table build
  • table widths 2 x 600 mm or 2 x 900 mm respectively
  • sorting length 1.250 mm
  • good accessibility
  • solid industrial design
  • stable and robust drive
  • quick and easy screen change
  • small foodprint
  • closed and dust-proof design
  • optionally with separate standing pressure fans
  • optionally with central bearing lubrication points
  • optionally with screw feeder, or mechanical pendulum feeder
  • optionally available with separately adjustable light-weight particle suction unit
  • optionally with electrical equipment in accordance with ATEX zone 22-outside