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Elevators, trough screw, chain conveyors and conveyor belts

HAMATEC designs, builds, and delivers the most common conveyors used in the food, non-food, and recycling areas.

All conveyors such as elevators, trough screws, tube screws, trough chain conveyors and conveyor belts offer highly flexible designs and performance. Even the standard version has a solid, welded industrial design.

HAMATEC additionally offers solid designs with stronger sheets as well as increased wear resistance for the recycling area to live up to the demanding multi-shift operation there.

Trogkettenförderer TFN 210 mit pneumatischen Auslaufschiebern
TFN 210 trough chain conveyors with pneumatic discharge slides
Förderband FB 500
Conveyor belt FB 500
Mehrfachschneckenaustragssystem MSA 500/2
Multiple-screw discharge system MSA 500/2
Rohrförderschnecke RFS 250
Pipe screw conveyor RFS 250
Trogförderschnecke TFS 200
Trough screw conveyor TFS 200
Elevator EK 355/125
Elevator EK 355/125