Wind sifting systems

Air classifier and type SZ

The characteristic features of the HAMATEC wind sifters are their sturdy design, the easy and multiple adjusting possibilities and their long service lives. All types are also available in stainless steel 1.4301. The machines are easy to clean and can therefore be used in the food sector as well without any problems. In general, each wind sifter is adapted to the respective product, and it is also possible to provide wear-resistant equipment.

The air classifier by HAMATEC is intended to be used as an individual machine or for direct connection to the HAMATEC rotary screen cleaners. The large, illuminated inspection window, the parallelly adjustable rear and the regulation of the air quantity see to an exact setting of the sifting process. This type of sifter is available in three different sizes, from 500 mm to 1,000 mm.

Wind sifting systems

HAMATEC sifter type "SZ". This cross-flow sifter is manufactured in four different sizes, from 500 mm to 1,500 mm. This type of sifter is used to separate e.g. foils, pieces of paper, strings or hairs and is also suitable for products with less free-flowing properties.

Typ V mit Expansionsraum

The HAMATEC sifter type "V" with expansion chamber has especially been developed for the food sector, however, it can also be used in other fields where the requirements are similar. The sifter mainly sees to an intensive precleaning of products that are stored in bags like e.g. coffee, cocoa and nuts by separating loose shells, hairs, bag fibres and parts of bag threads and strings before sieving or storage. The expansion chamber with its continuous discharge airlock divides the removed parts again into a light and a heavy fraction thus seeing to it that a downstream filter or separating unit does not have to separate all foreign parts in the exhaust air. The sifter is manufactured in four different sizes, from 500 to 1,500 mm and is also available in stainless steel 1.4301.

cascade sifter
Cascade sifter

The HAMATEC cascade sifter is the most recent model of the sifter series. This model has been designed for smaller particle sizes as well as for high and most sophisticated demands. This machine is used in the recycling and the food sector. A multiple change of direction of the product within the sifter channel sees to it that the foreign parts are reliably separated.

Depending on the requirements, the sifter is set up with or without feeding and discharge airlocks. Of course, this sifter can also be offered and supplied in stainless steel design (1.4301) as well as with wear protection lining. At present, the sifter is available in widths of 300 up to 1000 mm and in two different heights.

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