Rotation sieve

Type RS

The HAMATEC rotation sieve is a reasonably priced accessory for the rotary screen cleaner series type "KS". This completely screwed version is intended for the preliminary and main cleaning of grain and oilseeds and allied products.

Rotation sieve type 75/18
with directly attached wind sifter – optionally equipped with a magnet.

Kreissieb Typ RS


  • free swinging principle of operation
  • variable stroke
  • sieve areas: 2.7/ 3.6 and 5.4 m²
  • 3 fractions plus wind sifter tailings
  • completely screwed design
  • low maintenance and reliable in operation
  • easily exchangeable drive unit
  • optionally with integrated permanent magnet
  • optionally with electric equipment acc. to ATEX zone 22

PDF data sheet PDF Functional pattern