Rotary screen cleaner

Type KS

The HAMATEC rotary screen cleaner is used for the sieving of free flowing and dry products, for the classification and sorting, the separation of oversize and undersize grain and the removal of light parts in the food and non-food sector as well as in the field of recycling.


  • principle of free-swinging drive
  • variable stroke and rotation speed
  • extremely variable sieve areas and configurations
  • large range of capacities
  • two to five fractions
  • base frame out of closed sectional steel according to hygienic regulations – as an option also available with feet
  • of low maintenance and reliable in operation
  • available in complete stainless steel design 1.4301
  • drive unit is screwed and completely exchangeable
  • as an option also available with exchangeable wear parts
  • as an option also available with electrical equipment according to ATEX Zone 22
  • as an option also available with directly attached air classifier with/without magnet
Rotary screen cleaner KSD-AM Rotary screen cleaner KS III

animal food sieve with direct mounted magnet box,
3 fractions, sieve area 16,8 m²

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