Compost separator

Type KA

The compost separator, type KA, by HAMATEC has been developed for the specific separation of heavy and light parts. This type of separator is firmly established in many successfully working processing plants. Our separator sees to the reliable separation of foreign parts like stones, glass and metal parts and is therefore a guarantee for an optimally refined compost or residual waste. As an option, the separator is also available with an additional aspiration in the fine outlet in order to remove even the last remaining light parts like paper and foils. The industrial, sturdy design is the key for a long service life and a low-maintenance operation.


  • unsurpassed separating capacity
  • low maintenance and high operational reliability
  • easy access
  • sturdy industrial design
  • stable and sturdy drive
  • quick and simple sieve exchange
  • as an option also available with separately adjustable aspiration
  • compact design due to double table
  • little space required
  • closed and dust-tight design
  • available in three sizes
  • as an option also available with central lubricating point
  • as an option also available with machine control on the spot
  • as an option also available with screw feeding or mechanical swing-spout distributor
Compost separator type KA

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