Wind sifting systems
Belt head sifter, cascade sifter and type "SZ"


The HAMATEC belt head sifter is mainly used in the recycling sector. A high-pressure fan blows an air stream into the product thus separating the light from the heavy fraction. The sifter is suitable for particle sizes of up to approx. 200 mm.
The solid, easily accessible design guarantees only some maintenance work and short inspection periods even for multi-shift operation. The belt head sifter is available in several sizes and can be delivered with a wear protection lining, if requested.

cascade sifter

The HAMATEC cascade sifter is the most recent model of the sifter series. This model has been designed for smaller particle sizes as well as for high and most sophisticated demands. This machine is used in the recycling and the food sector. A multiple change of direction of the product within the sifter channel sees to it that the foreign parts are reliably separated.

Depending on the requirements, the sifter is set up with or without feeding and discharge airlocks. Of course, this sifter can also be offered and supplied in stainless steel design (1.4301) as well as with wear protection lining. At present, the sifter is available in widths of 300 up to 1000 mm and in two different heights.

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